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About one out of 10 Americans is an adoptee, adoptive parent or birth parent. (National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey)

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Where They Once Called Home

Insights into Homeland Tours

If you’re thinking about or planning, a trip to your child’s (or your own) birth country, many factors other than just travel influence how the trip goes: preparation around expectations; choosing the form of travel (adoption tour, family trip, solo adventure); an ongoing discussion after the trip that helps place the myriad of memories and novel experiences into a story that supports identity.

Hear directly from adopted persons and parents who have taken homeland tours. They will share their personal experiences and feelings from preparation to the lasting impact of their homeland travels.

Our expert will weigh in to help parents prepare for and plan their journey as our panel discusses:

  • The right age to travel
  • Preparing your child for the experiences and situations they may encounter
  • Preparing yourself to support your child during the journey
  • Travel tips and advice on how to organize the experiences and memories to make a lasting impact
  • Please join us on Twitter using #ALPhomeland

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Where They Once Called Home
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Tessa Yun Hennessy

Tessa was adopted at the age of one from Nanning, China. She was raised in Whitewater, WI and is currently attending Carrol University in Waukesha, WI.

Learn more about Tessa Yun Hennessy

Judy Stigger, LCSW

Judy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and adoptive mom, has been serving families and children in the field of adoption for over 30 years. Instrumental in launching The Cradle's international program, Judy was also a lead developer for Adoption Learning Partner's debut course, Conspicuous Families.

She serves on the board of Adoptive Families magazine, is the past president of Joint Council on International Children's Services, and is currently serving as the Clinical Director of Adoption Learning Partners.

Janet McDonald

Janet and her husband, Steve, adopted two children from Russia in 1996. In addition to her career as a freelance editor, Janet is an avid volunteer and adoption advocate.

Learn more about Janet McDonald

Tara Linh Leaman

Tara is an African Vietnamese American transethnic adoptee, and knows well the challenges and successes of claiming more than one transformative experience. She is an author, speaker and Co-Founder of AmeriAsians Building Bridges Consulting.

Learn more about Tara Linh Leaman


Joint Council on International Children's Services

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