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The average age for the children in foster care was 9.7 years. Average length of stay in foster care was 27.2 months. The largest percentage of children (47 percent) were in a nonrelative foster family home. Forty-nine percent had a case goal of reunification. 123,000 were awaiting adoption, down from 132,000 in FY 2007. (Children's Bureau AFCARS report, Fiscal Year 2008)

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Perspectives on Transracial Adoption

Perspectives on Transracial Adoption is an honest dialogue about some of the realities and complex issues that children adopted transracially may experience and how their parents can guide, support and prepare them.

Join us for a moderated panel of people who were transracially placed. Our panelists come from varied backgrounds. Some were adopted internationally while others were adopted as infants domestically or through the foster care system.

They will reflect back to their childhood as well as comment on their current feelings about being transracially adopted.

We will pose to the panelists YOUR questions such as:

  • When and how do I discuss race with my child?
  • What should I as a parent do to ensure connection with my child’s birth culture?
  • What did their adoptive parents do that helped them through the journey and what do they wish their parents had done?

Please join us on Twitter using #ALPIdentity

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Perspectives on Transracial Adoption
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Patti Waldmeir

Patti Waldmeir is an award-winning author and journalist. She has spent nearly forty years working as a reporter and columnist for the Financial Times. Her latest book focuses on a more personal issue. When she adopted two daughters from China, she decided to move the family to Shanghai to help them keep close to their Chinese heritage. Chinese Lessons is a story of identity, race and culture, told through the prism of family. Learn more about Patti Waldmeir

Katelyn Marks

Katelyn Marks is the Social Services Assistant and Camp Director for Holt International Children’s Services. Adopted transracially from Korea as an infant, she grew up in Oregon without ties to the adoptee community but as Camp Director fosters such connections for her campers. Katelyn is currently pursuing her Master in Social Work. Learn more about Katelyn Marks

Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker is a nationally-recognized thought leader on transracial adoption and is an advocate for adoptee rights. She’s currently the Director of Post Adoption services at Amara in Seattle, and was the subject of the documentary “Closure.” She blogs at Learn more about Angela Tucker

Rachel Alder

Rachel Alder is the program director for The Ivy Girl Academy and the nonprofit the Ivy foundation which promotes leadership skills in teens. She was adopted transracially and grew up with one older brother. She is currently in school studying Neuroscience and Social Work, and has a passion for improving the foster care system and post adoptive services and education. She lives in Utah. Learn more about Rachel Alder

Miguel Lindgren

Miguel Lindgren was adopted from Colombia when he was 14 years old. He was adopted into a family with seven other adopted children, and three biological children. Miguel, a business systems analyst, met his wife, Monica, volunteering at Children’s Home Society and Family Services. They are adoptive parents as well. Learn more about Miguel Lindgren