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The average age for the children in foster care was 9.7 years. Average length of stay in foster care was 27.2 months. The largest percentage of children (47 percent) were in a nonrelative foster family home. Forty-nine percent had a case goal of reunification. 123,000 were awaiting adoption, down from 132,000 in FY 2007. (Children's Bureau AFCARS report, Fiscal Year 2008)

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Raising Black Boys Revisited 2020

We bring together a panel of Black parents to talk about the challenges of raising Black boys in 2020. Panelists discuss the conversations they are having with their sons around the Black Lives Matter Movement and protests happening around the world. They will share how they are explaining the incidents of violence and racial tension in the news each day and how these conversations shape our young boys as they transition to adulthood. We talk about everyday fears parents have for their sons’ safety and what they tell their sons to ensure that they get home safely.

Please join us on Twitter using #RaisingBlackBoys

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Raising Black Boys Revisited 2020
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Evan Roberts

Evan J. Roberts is an author, educator, professional speaker, and mentor. As a classroom teacher and writer, he teaches children, teens, and adults about the real keys to success in life. His personal mission statement, "Empowering Youth Now and For the Rest of Their Lives," serves as the foundation for the literary works that he creates. He is the father of a young son who served as the inspiration for his children’s series, Khahari Discovers The Joy of Family.

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Kimberly N. Jackson, Ph.D

Dr. Jackson has spent her career working with young people from all walks of life. She is currently the Principal of a diverse middle school in Nebraska. She has brought light to the struggle that exists in the communication between generations, coining the phrase ‘bridge generation’.

Her passion for writing has developed over the years and in preparation for the release of her first book, The MLK Image, the natural draw developed towards blogging as well.

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Robert Griggs

Robert is the proud father of triplets. He works in Metra Rail’s Marketing department and is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management and Williams College in Massachusetts.

He is the host of the newly launched Supa Dupa Podcast, part owner of RobReynolds Collections, and on the Board of Link Unlimited Scholars.

In his spare time, Robert loves playing the drums at his church, cultivating his new love of grilling and golfing horribly.

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Andale Gross

He leads a team of journalists for the AP covering news on race and ethnicity and their intersection with politics, health, and criminal justice. He covered unrest in Ferguson, MO and guided several multiformat projects that won awards, including ones on the Little Rock Nine and Red Summer.

Gross, a native of Moberly, Missouri has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He resides in Chicago with his wife and two sons.

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