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Almost two-thirds of those surveyed believe more should be done to encourage foster care adoption.

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International Search & Reunion: It’s a Small World After All

Many parents who built their families through international adoption assume that the ongoing role of their child's birth family would be limited to non-existent. Some may have even thought that was a good thing.

But things change. Not only is being a parent different than almost anyone ever expects, but children grow up. The world changes.

Now you're parenting a teen or tween who is curious about her birth family. She talks about finding them. And she's tech-savvy. There's the Internet—and DNA testing.

Is it even possible for her to find her birth mom from China? Korea? Ethiopia? What are the possible ways to address this curiosity?

Join speakers Susan Soonkeum Cox of Holt International and Joy Lieberthal, LCSW and co-founder of I Am Adoptee, as they discuss:

  • Specific examples about how internationally adopted people can reconnect with their birth families.
  • Ideas for parents on how to maintain connections for the child, should they choose to reconnect later in life.
  • Typical ages when adoptees can start searching and how parents can help without pushing.
  • How parents can cope with their own feelings about their child wanting to reconnect.

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International Search & Reunion: It’s a Small World After All
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Susan Soonkeum Cox

Susan Soonkeum Cox is Vice President Policy & External Affairs for Holt International and is an internationally recognized expert and presenter on child welfare and adoption. Learn more about Susan Soonkeum Cox

Joy Lieberthal

Joy Lieberthal received her B.S. from Union College and her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. She has been working in the field of adoption for the 20 years professionally and through various volunteer organizations. Learn more about Joy Lieberthal

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