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Open adoption is a general term that refers to contact between birth and adoptive families. Most domestic infant adoptions today encompass some degree of openness. In several states, open adoption relationships are defined and agreed upon in a legally binding contract. In other states, however, the agreement is an informal one between the parties involved, without the legal underpinnings. Ask your agency or adoption resource which laws will apply to you.

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Building Bonds of Attachment: Practical, Expert Advice

All parents hope for close relationships with their children. And for children, trusting their parents and feeling secure in their family is essential. Often, adoption can pose challenges to the attachment process. Circumstances prior to adoption experiences either in utero, in an orphanage or in foster care, can create serious barriers to attachment.

Join us for a webinar discussing bonding activities that result in healthy relationships both in the short term and throughout childhood. Deborah Gray, an adoption therapist specializing in attachment, grief and trauma issues in children, will provide practical steps that move parents toward building trusting relationships and secure attachments with their child.

  • Recognize behaviors that are common in adopted children who have experienced trauma
  • Learn bonding activities that result in healthy relationships in the short term and throughout childhood
  • Maintain relationships with children already in the home
  • Learn practical steps you can use with your family right away
This webinar was offered live March 12, 2013. Once purchased, you will launch the recorded webinar from the link in your account page.

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Building Bonds of Attachment: Practical, Expert Advice
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Deborah Gray, MSW, MPA

Deborah Gray specializes in the attachment, grief, and trauma issues of children in her practice. Her methods of working with children and families reflect her strong developmental and infant mental health perspective.

Her passion is to help families develop close, satisfying relationships. She has worked 20 years in children’s therapies. Deborah was the 2008 Henry W. Maier Practitioner in Residence at the School of Social Work at the University of Washington.

Deborah Gray is the author of two books, Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma, 2007, and Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents, 2002, both published by Perspectives Press. Nurturing Adoptions was a 2008 award finalist for the Benjamin Franklin best professional book of the year. Deborah is on faculty for two post-graduate certificate programs in foster and adoption therapy.


Joint Council on International Children's Services

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