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Some banks and travel agencies provide loans and travel assistance to help offset the cost of international adoptions.

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Adopting After Infertility

Are You Ready?

Research shows that a couple's feelings about their infertility and the ability to manage those feeling of loss, are highly correlated with positive adoption outcomes.

Recognizing the losses you have suffered, and understanding how the adoption process often stirs up many of the same feelings and frustrations as infertility, are essential to recognizing adoption as an opportunity – a wonderful way to build your family.

Pat Irwin Johnston, author and adoptive mom discusses:

  • How to define and understand the loss you have suffered as well as losses for all parties
  • Understanding the benefits of a child focused adoption process
  • Addressing your biggest fears about adopting
  • How to assess your readiness to begin the process - taking time to grieve your loss and commit to adoption
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Adopting After Infertility
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Pat Irwin Johnston, MS

Pat Irwin Johnston, MS, is a member of a family touched by adoption (birth parent, adoptive parents and adoptees) over five generations and counting. She has been an infertility and adoption educator and advocate for over 35 years. Learn more about Pat Irwin Johnston

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