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There are more than 2 million adopted children living in the United States. (US Census 2000)

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Black Children and Mental Health

In this webinar, The Cradle’s Our Children initiative brings together a panel of therapists and parents to discuss the stigma that exists around mental health and why the rate of Black families seeking mental health care and treatment is much lower than White families.

Panelists talk about why mental health services should be designed with cultural and social nuances in mind as well as the upward trend in mental health needs as Covid-19 has interrupted the lives of so many kids and limited their social activities.

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Black Children and Mental Health
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Sharlene Hobson

Her practice focuses on political law and commercial litigation/dispute resolution and she serves as an Arbitrator for the Circuit Court of Cook County. She's been a member of a team representing a man on Alabama’s death row. She received her law degree from New York University and her MA from the University of Chicago.

Ms. Hobson is a wife and mother of two teens, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and a Trustee at West Point Baptist Church.

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John Sykes

John Sykes, a Relational Therapist, works to build on the strengths of individuals, families and communities. Community mental health centers, residential treatment facilities, academia, in-patient hospital settings are some of the environments John gained his wealth of training.

His extensive training in Trauma Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral approaches and methods are areas of expertise.

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Anthony Ward, Jr.

Anthony graduated from Northwestern University where he majored in psychology. He has worked in a therapeutic dayschool, psychiatric hospital, group home, and a residential treatment facility. He is currently employed as a Clinical Therapist at Rice Child and Family Center of Children's Home and Aid where he provides therapeutic services.

An engaging presenter, he also maintains a private practice caseload with Unbroken Family Counseling.

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Catherine Fields

Mom to an adult son diagnosed with Bi-polar I Disorder when he was three, she can speak directly to the importance of being an advocate for family members with mental illness. She attests to the critical need of support for the caregivers of family members with mood disorders.

Cathy is the past Vice Chair and current board member of the Depression and Bipolar Strategic Alliance (DBSA) whose vision is rooted in wellness for people living with mood disorders.

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