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23 percent of adopted children live with an adoptive parent 55 years or older. (National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey)

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Black Child-White Parent

(What You Need to Know)

Today more that 40% of adoptions are transracial, involving the adoption of a child of a different race than the parents. This reality brings the need for added education around understanding your child’s experiences. In this webinar, The Cradle’s Our Children initiative brings together a panel to share share how listening to the news about racial tension in America today affects them as a parent of a Black child.

We discuss how White parents’ privilege can extend to their child when they are together, but when alone, the privilege is gone for their child. We talk about what parents are doing to connect to their child’s culture and community and if they have significant relationships with adults within their child’s racial/ethnic groups. Finally, we learn how parents respond to people who say “race is a non-issue”, “we don’t see color in this house” or “race doesn’t matter and all you need is love”.

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Black Child-White Parent
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Sarah Van Steenburg

Born to a White mother and an African father, she was adopted a birth. Her father was a career military officer and Sarah grew up on and off of Army posts both abroad and in the United States.

Sarah is a graduate of both Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the University of Virginia School of Law. She currently works as a legal headhunter working with attorneys in the government, corporations, and large law firms.

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Victoria DiMartile

A biracial Black transracial domestic adoptee, Torie grew up without access to her community of origin and felt like she was straddling two worlds. Now, she uses her background in Anthropology and Sociology, her current doctoral studies on transracial adoption, and her personal experiences to blog, speak, and educate on the topics of positive racial identity development, transracial parenting, and issues of racism in the adoption industry. She lives in Bloomington, IN.

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Scott Smith

Adopted transracially, he has a college-age daughter. He has a degree in Political Science from Roosevelt University, a Computer Science degree from DeVry University, and served in the Army as a US Paratrooper.

He’s been on the radio and presented at culture camps. Specialty topics include transracial & racial conflicts in adoption, openness in adoption, the “angry adoptee” syndrome and adoption through the lifespan as an outspoken Black adult male POC.

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Ryan Liebl

Ryan is a practicing attorney with Mayer Brown LLP in Chicago. He spent four years on active duty in the United States Army and was born and raised in western Kansas before leaving the state to attend college in Indiana. As part of his undergraduate studies, Ryan spent a year studying in Innsbruck, Austria, where he met his wife. Following graduation, they spent three more years living in Germany.

They live in Oak Park, IL and are the parents of four children.

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