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64% of Americans surveyed report personal experience with adoption. Either themselves, their family or close friends have been touched by adoption. (Dave Thomas Foundation Adoption Attitudes Survey, 2002)

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Is That My Birth Mom On Facebook?

Online tools like Google and Facebook have revolutionized the way we look for information and connect with one another. This has meant that open adoption communication is more convenient than ever before.

It can also mean that your teen (or even tween) may be searching for birth relatives online. She may also be approached online by a birth relative ... or someone posing as one.

For many adoptive families, this possibility is both exciting and terrifying.

This webinar will share strategies and tips on how adoptive parents can:

  • Talk to their child about searching
  • Gauge if their child is emotionally ready to conduct a search
  • Prepare themselves and their child for possible outcomes
  • Identify safety risks and how to avoid them
This webinar was offered live September 15, 2010. Once purchased, you will launch the recorded webinar from the link in your account page.

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Is That My Birth Mom On Facebook?
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Nina Friedman, LCSW

Nina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Post Adoption Counselor at The Cradle. She conducts adoption searches, facilitates reunions and provides counseling support.

Joanne Bieschke

Joanne is an expert on Internet safety and the Director of Cook County Sheriff's Youth Services Department. She is also an adoptive parent.