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Almost two-thirds of those surveyed believe more should be done to encourage foster care adoption.

Tough Starts Matter Package

Tough Starts Matter Package

"As a foster parent I am always searching for learning opportunities. This was by far the best series I have participated in and I have been sharing it with everyone. The format was very user friendly and the information was priceless. We are fostering a tough start five year old who we plan to adopt. Much of this information was very applicable to us at this moment."
-Lara Willox, PhD
College of Education
University of West Georgia

The presence of extremely challenging behaviors in children may indicate that the child has experienced trauma in their early days. Trauma, in this case, may include prenatal substance exposure or being born into a neglectful, chaotic or abusive environment. Many adopted children, international or domestic, have faced this kind of suboptimal beginning in life -- a Tough Start.

With informative, practical and encouraging material, the Tough Starts Series equips adoptive parents with insight into how their child's tough start in life may lead to troubling behavior years later and teaches parents how to intercede and help the child heal.

  • This package includes 4 courses for a total of 5 credit hours
  • Convenient, all in one package
  • 5 Credit Hours
  • 29% discount vs. list price per course

This package contains the following products:

Tough Starts: Brain Development Matters

Brain Development Matters thoroughly explains the impact that early trauma has on a child's brain chemistry, brain development and sensory processing. Once parents understand how their child's brain is connected to his behaviors, these behaviors begin to make more sense. With a thorough understanding of brain development, parents are better prepared to learn how to more successfully intervene and shape their child's troubling behaviors.

Tough Starts: Treatment Matters

Treatment Matters gives parents strategies for seeking professional help as soon as they recognize significant challenges in their child. Understand the importance of a diagnosis, when to consider medication and how to choose a therapist.

Tough Starts: Parenting Matters

Parenting Matters applies a strengths-based, therapeutic approach to parenting in order to heal a child who has had a tough start in life. Learn this deliberate and intentional approach to parenting through exercises, family stories and expert advice.

Tough Starts: Family Matters

The goal of this course is to help parents understand the toll raising a tough start child can take on them, their relationships and their other children. Family Matters teaches techniques parents can use to support each member of the family, and themselves, through these challenges.

Once the package is purchased, each individual course will appear in your account. Courses can be taken in any order. After successfully completing a course and its end of course evaluation, or post test, you'll be eligible for a Certificate of Completion for that unique course.

Individual courses can't be refunded nor other courses substituted.

Tough Starts Matter Package
Credit Hours: 5.0
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Meet Subject Matter Expert Judy Stigger

Judy has been with Adoption Learning Partners' since the beginning. She remains involved in development and content and was a featured Subject Matter Expert for our Tough Starts Matter Series.
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