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Many children with substance exposure or deprivation in their early history struggle with attention deficit or organization issues. You can help by breaking tasks into small steps. In that way you're helping them to succeed rather than setting them up to fail.

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Open Adoption 101: What To Consider, How To Establish, And Ways To Stay Connected

Open Adoption 101: What To Consider, How To Establish, And Ways To Stay Connected

Open adoption can be a scary and difficult relationship to understand. This course will explain open adoption, will help you to understand the expectant parent and birth parent perspectives and will offer some strategies for making openness part of your every day life.

This course will help prospective adoptive parents:

  • Understand the different degrees of openness
  • Become familiar with the process of creating an open adoption
  • Make openness work for them
  • Learn to maintain connections with birth families

This product is part of the following packages:

Domestic Infant Adoption Package - 6 Credit Hours

This package will help prospective adoptive parents create a profile, understand open adoption and discuss adoption with their children. 14% discount when purchased as a package!

Domestic Infant Adoption Package - 16 Credit Hours

A comprehensive set of courses to help prospective adoptive parents understand the joys and challenges of domestic adoption. 20% discount when you purchase as a package!

Open Adoption 101: What To Consider, How To Establish, And Ways To Stay Connected
Credit Hours: 2.0
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Caring for Your Adopted Child

Caring for Your Adopted Child

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