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We know that parenting isn’t always easy. We know that even with the pandemic lifting, parents and families could benefit from resources and support. Last summer, ALP bundled together many of our most popular webinars in new, limited-edition packages and offered them at a significant discount. These packages proved so popular that we are bringing them back this summer.

We began with Parenting Playbook: A Guide to Behavior, Discipline and Attachment, a collection of three webinars featuring experts from Theraplay® and Effective Family Communication, two webinars which each feature popular coach, trainer, and author Tina Feigal. Now we are featuring Open Adoption - Open Minds: Explore the adoption circle and support the search for connection. The limited-edition package includes:

Birth Family Search:

The desire for birth family information in the life of an adopted teen is highly likely. This webinar will share the realities of birth family search today and provide tips and tools to make informed choices to support your child about this type search.

Inside The Adoption Circle:

Our panel includes an adopted person, a birth mom and an adoptive mom. Panelists reflect back on their own experiences with adoption and pose questions to each other, giving adoptive parents insight into many universal adoption themes.

Open Adoption - Open Minds - Still Available!

Open Adoption - Open Minds

Explore the adoption circle and learn to support the search for connection

Often times, adopted youth and adults wonder about their birth family. “Who do I look like?” “What is my heritage?” These questions may come up early and vary from person to person. Seeking out answers about health, ancestry and extended family could arise within your family. Adoptive families often grapple with how to navigate these conversations and how to provide a safe place to discuss these topics.

Is your family open and ready for questions that may arise once your child’s curiosity is piqued? Are you equipped to support your loved one’s search for biological family connection?

ALP brings is pleased to offer two webinars that speak directly to these issues – and more. This limited-edition package includes two popular webinars now available on demand for $20. *This reflects a 50% discount vs. list price of purchasing the webinars and certificate a la carte.

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Credit Hours: 2.0

Effective Family Communication - Still Available!

Effective Family Communication

Keys to Effective Family Engagement to Create Peace at Home

ALP brings together two of our most popular webinars featuring Tina Feigal, coach, trainer and author.

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Credit Hours: 2.0

Parenting Playbook - Still Available!

Parenting Playbook

A Guide to Behavior, Discipline, & Attachment

ALP brings together three of our most popular webinars featuring experts from Theraplay®, leaders in the fields of attachment, parent-child relationships, and trauma-informed practice.

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Credit Hours: 3

Our Children Series - Still Available!

Our Children 2020 Webinar Series

This package is a six-webinar series to promote honest and open dialogue about the realities of raising a Black child in today’s world. These recordings are now available on-demand. More than a 30% discount when purchased as a package compared to buying separately!

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Recorded Webinar

Black Children and Mental Health

Black Children and Mental Health

In this webinar, The Cradle’s Our Children initiative brings together a panel of therapists and parents to discuss the stigma that exists around mental health and why the rate of Black families seeking mental health care and treatment is much lower than White families. They talk about why mental health services should be designed with cultural and social nuances in mind as well as the upward trend in mental health needs as Covid-19 has interrupted the lives of so many kids and limited their social activities.

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December Feature

Each month we feature a course or webinar for just $10

Our December 2021 feature is:

Adoption & Identity: nature, nurture and the lifelong journey to self (with certificate)

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Adoption Parenting Pathways
APP is a search tool that allows adoptive parents to find local and online resources to specifically meet their family's needs.

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Helping Classmates Understand Adoption

An adoption and school handout to give to other parents at your child's school or to send home with classmates after an adoption presentation.

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