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We know that parenting isn’t always easy. We know that with the pandemic continuing, parents and families could benefit from resources and support. This past summer, ALP bundled together many of our most popular webinars in new, limited-edition packages and offered them at a significant discount.

We began with Parenting Playbook: A Guide to Behavior, Discipline and Attachment, a collection of three webinars featuring experts from Theraplay®. Next we added Effective Family Communication, bringing together two of our most popular webinars featuring Tina Feigal, coach, trainer and author. These packages proved so popular that we've extended their availability.

Now we've added our largest collection, Our Children 2020 Webinar Series,which bundles together all six of the panel discussions recently offered live via Zoom. This series was created to promote honest and open dialogue about the realities of raising a Black child in today's world. Held over a span of six months, panelists included parents, educators, professionals, and young people.

This limited-edition package bundles together all six webinars from the series for $99. This reflects more than a 30% discount vs. list price of purchasing the webinars and certificates a la carte. To purchase this or any other promotional package, please see the pulldown lists below. If you are interested in a single webinar or two, please see our Webinars Catalog. Regular pricing will apply. Here are the webinars in the Our Children 2020 package:

Raising Black Boys Revisited 2020: Panelists discuss the conversations they are having with their sons around the Black Lives Matter Movement and protests happening around the world. They share how they are explaining incidents of violence and racial tension in the news each day and how these conversations shape our young boys. We talk about fears parents have for their sons and what they tell their sons to ensure that they get home safely.

From Black Boys to Black Men: And the Fear that Brings: A panel of Generation Z and Millennial males share experiences from when they first realized that they were viewed differently than their White counterparts, their fears and the things that Black boys and young men must be mindful of as they go through life.

Can You Hear Me Now? Black Adults Speak!: We discuss the momentum of Black Lives Matter, the changing demographics of support for the equality of African Americans, the recent acknowledgment of Juneteenth, and the pros and cons of defunding the police.

Raising Black Girls 2020: Panelists share the discussions they are having with their daughters and the major concerns they face while raising them in today’s world. We tackle some very serious topics around safety and the emotional toll that the current state of the world has on Black girls.

The Color of Education: We address inequities in the education system and systemic biases will be addressed, such as why Black boys are more likely than any other group to be placed in Special Education classes.

Black Child-White Parent: What You Need to Know: We discuss how White parents’ privilege can extend to their child when they are together, but not when alone. We talk about what parents are doing to connect to their child’s culture and community and how parents respond to people who say “race is a non-issue”, “we don’t see color in this house” or “race doesn’t matter and all you need is love”.

Our Children Series-AVAILABLE NOW!

Our Children 2020 Webinar Series

This package is a six-webinar series to promote honest and open dialogue about the realities of raising a Black child in today’s world. These recordings are now available on-demand. More than a 30% discount when purchased as a package compared to buying separately!

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Credit Hours: 6

Available July 15-August 14,2020-NOW EXTENDED!

Effective Family Communication

Keys to Effective Family Engagement to Create Peace at Home

ALP brings together two of our most popular webinars featuring Tina Feigal, coach, trainer and author.

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Credit Hours: 2.0

Available June 15-July 14,2020 - NOW EXTENDED!

Parenting Playbook

A Guide to Behavior, Discipline, & Attachment

ALP brings together three of our most popular webinars featuring experts from Theraplay®, leaders in the fields of attachment, parent-child relationships, and trauma-informed practice.

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Credit Hours: 3

Recorded Webinar

Asian Child-White Parent

Asian Child-White Parent

We bring together a panel of adults adopted from Asia and parents who adopted transracially from Asia to talk about conversations they’ve had around culture, abandonment, homeland visits and more. They discuss the prejudice and significant rise in racism towards Asians since Covid-19 as well as the loss of identity that Asian children with White parents may experience.

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Sexual Abuse: Recognize, Respond & Protect (with certificate)

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Adoption Parenting Pathways
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