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The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse offers resources on all aspects of adoption.


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Illinois Safe Haven Law

Understanding the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act

This free webinar, for professionals only, provides an overview of the Illinois Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act, also known as the Baby Safe Haven Law, or simply the Safe Haven Law. The Act provides guidance to all involved when an individual brings an infant to a designated area to voluntarily relinquish the baby under the Safe Haven Law. Please note: This training covers ILLINOIS law only. A certificate is available from ALP and you must earn that certificate in order to be eligible for an Illinois Social Work CEU or Illinois Nursing CE.

This webinar was offered live August 28, 2018. Once purchased, you will launch the recorded webinar from the link in your account page.

PLEASE NOTE: Your certificate will be available upon successful completion of a post test. The audio for the recorded webinar can be heard through your computer speakers. We recommend external speakers or headphones. There are no refunds or exchanges for the webinar once you have purchased it.
Illinois Safe Haven Law
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Kathyrn Smith

For as long as she can remember, Kathyrn has had a desire to work in a supportive capacity with children and families. Her 20 year career in Child Welfare includes various professional roles within foster care, adoptions, and therapy practice. Kathyrn embraces diversity and now finds excitement in her current role supporting professionals throughout Illinois and Indiana via outreach and education around best practice in adoption. Kathyrn graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and earned her Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Karin Peterson

Karin has held several positions within The Cradle since earning her Masters in Social Work from Boston College in 1994. She has prepared adoptive parents for adoption, provided options counseling to expectant parents and supervised The Cradle's Expectant Parent Services program. Currently, Karin is enjoying bringing her experience and commitment to best practices in adoption to her role in Community Outreach and Education by offering training and support to medical and social work professionals.