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There were about 500,000 kids in foster care in the US in 2009. There were 2.6 million kids in permanent formal kinship care as of 2009, not counting a large number in informal (e.g. not court ordered) kinship care. (Source: AFCARS)

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Equipping Adoptive Parents with Tools

Relationship, Regulation, & Resilience

Join Julie Beem, Executive Director of the Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. as she explores the specific parenting tools that adoptive parents need to create relationship, teach regulation and build resilience in our children. Through this webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand the importance of focusing on attachment-building with our children.
  • Learn basic brain science around how trauma can impact our children’s development.
  • Explore the strategies and tools adoptive parents need to address behaviors and to give our children the gift of resilience.

Please join us on Twitter using #ALPAttachment

This webinar was offered live June 4, 2020. Once purchased, you will launch the recorded webinar from the link in your account page.

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Equipping Adoptive Parents with Tools
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Julie Beem

An experienced parent and advocate, Julie has been Executive Director of the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN) since 2009. Julie is a mom to four (adopted, biological and step) and grandmother to two. She has written and presented on the topics of parenting children impacted by trauma and attachment challenges for over a decade, as well as trained other parents in therapeutic parenting strategies. She was honored to accept ATN’s 2016 Angels in Adoption award, and oversees ATN’s Trauma-Informed Parenting and Schools Programs.