ceu credit courses for adoption professionals

The following courses have been approved for CEU credit by The National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Check with your state licensing board to determine if your state accepts CEUs from NASW. You may also check NASW's site here for information.

Once you've purchased the course, you will be able to add the CEU option for no additional charge.

Adopting an older child presents a unique set of joy and challenges. From knowing what kind of information is important to have to anticipating potential stumbling blocks to a smooth transition, this course serves as a guide to anyone considering adopting a child older than an infant (whether internationally or from the US public welfare system).

Credit Hours: 2.0

Advocacy begins even before a child joins her adoptive family and continues throughout her childhood. This course will help you understand why you are the best advocate for your adopted child, determine your need for services and find resources available to assist your family.

Upon completion of this course, you may purchase a certificate for $35. If purchased as part of a package, the fee is already included.

Credit Hours: 2.0

Adopting a child of a different race or ethnicity presents challenges families may not expect.  Share in the wisdom and collective experiences of adopted persons and adoptive parents with transracial families and learn new skills for responding to insensitive comments as well as strategies for expanding the diversity in your life.

Credit Hours: 1.5

Ain't Misbehavin' helps parents better understand potential causes for challenging behaviors and develop effective adoption friendly discipline plans to address them. By encouraging children to make better behavioral choices, effective discipline results in happier, more connected families.

Credit Hours: 2.0

Focusing specifically on the treatment of women considering an adoption plan for their baby, this course covers social workers' ethical considerations in infant adoption.  Key  principles of social work and child welfare are explored and then applied to real life scenarios.

Credit Hours: 1.0

It is natural for adopted children to grieve the life and family they never knew, no matter how old they were when adopted, how open the adoption or how happy their life with the adoptive family. This course will help adoptive parents recognize the signs of grief at different developmental stages, identify situations that may trigger grief and develop strategies to help children grieve.

Credit Hours: 2.0

Talking about adoption can be difficult for a variety of reasons, but it should not be a one time conversation. This course gives you the tools you need to make talking about adoption part of your family's everyday life.

Credit Hours: 2.0

A Lifebook is a book created for an adopted child that tells his story, before and after adoption.  It helps children place foster care or adoption in the context of their life experiences.  This course will help you understand the purpose and importance of a Lifebook, identify situations in which it is beneficial and develop some pages of your child's Lifebook.

Credit Hours: 1.5

A fear they will not be able to maintain connections with their birth families and their past may cause a teen to react negatively to an adoptive family. Created by the Family Connections Project through Adoptions Unlimited, Inc., this course is designed to advise child welfare professionals on helping youth maintain contact with birth families and past connections.

This course provides an overview of the common medical issues, health risks and specific conditions internationally adopted children may face. Become familiar with the medical and developmental effects of orphanage or foster care as well as the role of professionals in assessing health.

Credit Hours: 2.5

Open adoption can be a scary and difficult relationship to understand. This course will explain open adoption, will help you to understand the expectant parent and birth parent perspectives and will offer some strategies for making openness part of your everyday life.

Credit Hours: 2.0

Attachment is an essential component of any healthy, happy family. Adoption, however, may present challenges to the attachment process. Designed for both first time adoptive parents and parents struggling with attachment issues with their adopted child, this course provides practical tips on how to form and sustain this important bond.

Credit Hours: 2.0

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